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We believe that a smooth blend of effective strategy crafting, brand messaging, upscaled advertising, entertainment and technology are the foundation to every great brand across all the industries. To maximize your market reach and establish your brand, Bolsterflip Media is your global branding and strategic partner with 1000+ global clients, creative & new ideas, strategic media partnerships, PR outreach, social campaigns, Influencer & Celebrity Campaigns, and digital advertising to help you improve your promotional efforts and place your company or product among the most lovable brands.

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Google Adwords Youtube Marketing For Brand, Entertainment and Businesses.

Paid search marketing is a valuable tool to optimize campaigns.

In Display Ads, products or services are advertised to visitors through visuals like videos and images. Our agency professionals are trained to design such ads that are irresistible. We ensure that your ads are displayed where your target audience.

Remarketing Campaigns is a powerful technique implied to stay connected to your target audience and build brand awareness.

Our agency helps you to create a Google Shopping campaign for your ecommerce business with attractive and high quality pictures catalogue so that consumers purchase the product.

Our Packages

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YouTube Basic Plus

$ 299
  • 50,000+ YouTube Native views
  • 1,000 - 2,000+ Video Likes
  • Comments (Number Varies)
  • Time Period – 1 to 2 Days

YouTube Standard Plus

$ 599
  • 100,000+ YouTube Native Views
  • 1,500 -2,500+ Video Likes
  • Comments (Number Varies)
  • 2 Blog Placements
  • Time Period – 2 to 4 Days

YouTube Premium

$ 799
  • 150,000+ YouTube Native Views
  • 2,500-3,500+ Video Likes
  • Comments (Number Varies)
  • 3 Blog Placements
  • Time Period – 3 to 5 Days

YouTube Premium Plus

$ 1250
  • 250,000+ YouTube Native Views
  • 5,000+ Video Likes
  • Comments (Number Varies)
  • 4 Blog Placements
  • Time Period – 4 to 6 Days

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Your All-in-One Partner for Strategy,
Consulting, Digital and Entertainment!

Offering Endless Possibilities

We adapt to our ever-changing environment; we value the complexities that distinguish us, and a relentless pursuit of mastery unites us. We do extensive testing to create compelling brand stories that spark consumers’ attention right away.

Being a Strong Partner

The key to building your brand is making sure that you have the right strategy in place. The first thing we will do is look over your social media channels and review your brand in its current state.

Developing Robust Brands

We offer creative strategies that engage, entertain and influence millions watching you! We develop innovative techniques, outstanding design, and great advertising and brand strategies customized only for you. Our creative team assists brands in becoming “iconic.”

Your Creative Influencer & Celebrity Agency

A global production, service, and creative talent agency, we can become your main point of contact for productions all over the world. Our Partners operate in more than 40 countries. We provide complete support and services for all your Print & Film production needs

One-Stop-Shop For All Your Global Requirements

We create the mood, atmosphere, and context of a film through the expressive use of stunning locations. We provide full production services in Europe, Asia & Oceania. We provide complete support and services for all your Print & Film Production services.

An Agency Built Just for You!

Our music marketing and public relations segment has generated over a billion views. With successful marketing campaigns on several multi-platinum projects, we have won several awards for website design and brand development. Our exclusive fan acquisition and smart strategies to target the exact audience have helped our clients achieve tremendous success.

Company Ethos

Being Aggressively Authentic in Following What We Believe In!


We help you to achieve your dreams methodically!

We approach every project methodically. This process is our hidden secret to success, and it’s centered around effectiveness.

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